Debit Card On/Off

Great State Bank

Fraud Protection


You know that horrible feeling when you realize your debit card is not in your wallet? Or on your desk? Or anywhere? Great State Bank’s Online Banking offers the ability to turn your debit card(s) on or off. This feature allows you to take control of your Great State Bank Visa debit card and protects you against unauthorized use if you misplace your card. If you find it and feel your account has not been jeopardized, then simply turn it back on and continue to use your card. You are in control!

When a debit card has been turned off:

  • All PIN and Signature Debit transactions will be declined
  • Previously authorized transactions will still be paid, and any recurring transactions you have set up will still occur
  • It will not affect your check payments, online bill payments, or any other type of transaction to your account(s)

To use this debit card on/off feature please click on the “Card Management” link in the top right corner of your Online Banking account page.