QA about our accounts


Q&A About Our Accounts

To help you with account issues, we have listed questions we often receive. To see the answer, simply click on the questions link and the answer will drop down. If you wish to close the answer, just click on the question link, again.

To open an account, we must ask for your social security number, we will need to know your physical home address (not just a post office number), your telephone number, and an email address if you have one. We must also ask for some form of valid photo identification: a driver's license, passport, or military ID card are typical examples.

5:00 pm, Monday thru Thursday, 6:00 pm, Friday.

Great State Bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Each of our depositors are eligible for FDIC insurance protection up to at least $250,000. However, your accounts may be eligible for additional protection, depending on how they are owned. To help you determine how much FDIC insurance may be available to you, you can use the FDIC's deposit insurance web site:

Our routing number which identifies Great State Bank for check and electronic monetary transactions is 0531-12848 You can find this on the bottom line of your Great State Bank checks along with your personal account number.

You can contact us by telephone at 336-903-4948, at a branch office, or by email at We will give you further instructions.

Regulations permit six checks per statement cycle to be drawn against money market accounts.

We will need the same information needed to open an account. In addition we may need a current financial statement or audit report and, tax returns. . Incorporated business borrowers will need a corporate resolution to borrow. If real estate is involved, additional documents will be eventually required.

If you have enrolled in Great State Bank's online banking product, you will be able to see your accounts and monitor activity in them.

We have a home mortgage expert on staff who will be pleased to help you apply for a residential mortgage, whether you wish to purchase a new home or refinance an existing one. Call us at 336-903-4948 and ask for Mrs. Harris.